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Umbrella (Employed) Margin

Umbrella payroll services margin

Understanding umbrella payroll services

Umbrella companies such as Exchequer are entitled to keep a small part of your income. In the UK, this margin is mostly charged to you as a fixed weekly amount – this is the case with Exchequer’s margin, which is outlined below.

Please see the details below to help you calculate what our weekly margin* will be when you are engaged with our umbrella company’s payroll services.
*plus a margin to cover our apprenticeship levy costs.

Your income
Our weekly margin
£0 to £50
£51 to £100
£101 to £350
£350 +

Any questions?

If you need any help or more information about the fees, rates or margins associated with being self-employed via an umbrella company under CIS, then please contact us on 01244 500195.