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Exchequer PAYE


PAYE services for workers

Exchequer’s PAYE model offers agencies a fully compliant solution for paying their workers. By using these services, you can reduce the level of administration involved in-house for these workers while at the same time reducing the cost and risk of employing them on direct PAYE.


Outsourced Employment and Payroll

With this simple approach the worker is employed by Exchequer Solutions. The recruitment agency advises us of the rate of pay agreed for the worker and they are paid at that rate with only PAYE tax and EENI deducted.

There is no fee charged by us to the worker and they receive a payslip which is clear and straightforward.

Workers have the option to accrue holidays or pay or to have their holiday pay rolled up.

All the agency needs to do is advise us of the pay rate to the worker and send the hours worked to us on a weekly basis.

We then invoice the agency for the above plus an agreed % mark-up which covers all employer costs including ERNI, pension and apprenticeship levy.


The benefits

As your chosen payroll company, we will take on the risks associated with being the employer. This includes managing RTW, SSP, SMP, and tribunal claims etc. This leaves you totally free to focus on filling vacancies, and not spending time on HR issues or pay queries. With Exchequer PAYE, the agency will be invoiced for our services and there is no fee to the worker.


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