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Self-employed subcontracting

CIS Benefits

CIS Scheme benefits

When you subcontract your services to Exchequer Solutions, you can be sure that you are working with a fully compliant contractor.


There are a several key benefits Exchequer Solutions can offer you:

  • A guarantee to pay you on time, every time
  • The opportunity to work with a single organisation
  • We invoice the end client for the services you have provided and calculate your pay net of CIS tax and our margin
  • A monthly statement to keep your records up to date, weekly payment advice and an SMS message every Thursday to advise you of the amount we will pay into your account the next day


  • Payments made by cheque at no extra charge, or by CHAPS at a cost of £10.00 per transaction
  • Cost-effective public liability insurance
  • A flexible service which you can use when you need it
  • Clear and easy to understand margins.


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