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Client Testimonials

Agency Testimonials

We have built an enviable reputation within the industry for our high quality and compliant services. Don't just take our word for it, take a look at some of the wonderful feedback we have received from our agency partners:

“10/10. Everyone knows what they are talking about, including all up to date regulations, legislation, right to work requirements and anything else we need to be aware of as a client. They have extensive experience and exposure to the construction industry, which is what we specialize in, thus making them a perfect fit for our company.

Exchequer Solutions’ biggest advantages against all other umbrella companies I’ve dealt with are their care, efficiency, flexibility and above all, compliance. Knowledgeable and extremely helpful, they are always there to swiftly assist us in resolving any issues that may occur. The fact that their external account managers are available and willing to visit our sites, workers and managers in order to explain the whole payroll process, resolve queries or answer questions, is an added bonus and a well appreciated service no one else provides.

Also, as our preferred payment company, their remarkable level of compliance gives us as an agency extra peace of mind, which is of utmost importance in our line of work.”

Dalia Dimitrova, December 2019

“We have worked with Exchequer for around 6-7 years. Account management is brilliant, Jack is always available and more than happy to assist. They provide detail to ask candidates who register, leaving no questions unanswered, and all issues are resolved in a timely manner.

If you require professional, compliant assistance then you should look no further than Exchequer Solutions. I would recommend them to anyone. I look forward to many more years of successful business.”

Josh Boult, December 2019

“Very quick resolution of issues concerning our contractors, always professional on the phone. Will always keep in touch.

Brian & Jaqueline have both been very attentive to our business needs and will always go the extra mile to solve any issues our contractors or us have.

Will come and visit you on a regular basis to ensure the account is running to satisfaction and will bring cakes, which is always a welcome bonus in our office! ”

Clair Fleming, December 2019

“The team at Exchequer Solutions are always on hand to help, they are very knowledgeable, efficient and have a high level of professionalism.”

James Barker, December 2019

“Exchequer have a very customer-focused attitude which benefits both us as an agency and our candidates. Their knowledge of legislation and compliance ensures that we are able to trade with confidence. We use Exchequer mainly because they are flexible, professional and also take the stress of payroll from us allowing more time for business development.”

Terry Pruett, December 2019

“The staff at Exchequer are always on hand to service new and current workers and assist well with payroll queries when needed. I have found them to be very knowledgeable due to staff previously working in the recruitment industry. They ensure that workers are paid on time and correct, avoiding any disruption to the working day.”

Sarah Hardy, December 2019

“The staff are always very polite and helpful. Nothing is too much trouble for them and they always contact our temps very quickly when asked to do so . Also their knowledge of the industry is exceptional. I always enjoy having a chat with all of them as they are very friendly.

The service is excellent and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.”

Linda Linton, December 2019

“Exchequer have always provided us with a Professional Service, they are always happy to help in any way they can and always visit our office to make sure everything is ok.

We would recommend Exchequer”

Rebecca, December 2019

“Issue solving is always very good. The all-round service from Donna & Alex is always excellent, Quality of Service is always high”

Steve Lee, December 2019

“Staff are knowledgeable and reactive to our companies needs and remain professional at all time”

Craig Williams, December 2019

“Brian Berry has been a pleasure to work with. He has also been helpful and keen to assist with any payroll questions we have as well as keeping us updated in relation to new laws and regulations”

Simon Brend, December 2019

“We moved a whole load of our contractors to Exchequer to facilitate their umbrella payments and limited co’s. It was a nervous time for us, moving from one company to another but Exchequer handled it amazingly. They made sure all of our contractors were looked after and we had a dedicated team to do it. Everyone was happy! Fast forward a year, we have a fantastic relationship with them and they support us daily. I couldn’t ask for a better accountancy company!”

Faye, May 2019

I do not feel you can do much more, great service as always. This only makes our life a great deal easier.

John, November 2016

Just wanted to say a little thank you for the service you and your team have been providing recently.

Your attentiveness to any errors that have been made has been amazing. You and your team really go out of the way to help us, and we really do appreciate that, thank you.

M Kaye, May 2015

We receive a great service from Exchequer all year round. Your attention to detail with Worker registration and payroll and your willingness to help and co-operate with day to day problems that we throw your way is appreciated. It is your service that keeps us happy and the trust we have in your company makes us willing to advise workers to come to you for payroll / accounting services.

Anonymous, April 2015