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Posted 7th March 2019

Why we still believe in talking on the phone

At Exchequer Solutions we’ve always been keen to ensure that our registration process is as straightforward as possible.  We know that workers and contractors are busy and their priorities are often elsewhere so we see it as our job to make life as easy as possible.

speaking on the phone

With this in mind we’ve been quick to embrace technology and offer different ways to register and communicate with us. Over the years advances in technology have meant that many businesses in our sector have moved almost entirely online. For lots of people being able to register online and send messages outside of office hours offers clear benefits and is the most convenient option.  It is also a cost-effective way for many businesses to operate.

We introduced online registrations a long time ago and they have been extremely popular but we are conscious that some people simply prefer to speak to a real-life person.

There can be many different reasons why someone prefers to pick up the phone, it might be personal preference, a lack of IT skills or confidence or because of a learning difficulty such as dyslexia.  At Exchequer Solutions we are committed to ensuring picking up the phone and speaking to a knowledgeable human will always be an option for those who work with us.

This approach has been welcomed by lots of our contractors and one really positive outcome has been that we have been able to support contractors with different needs.  For example, we have had contractors who are dyslexic choose our services because we are happy to speak to them over the phone.  We will deal with their registration without forcing them online to complete lengthy online forms and they know if they have any questions they can call and chat to a friendly person who can help.

We will continue to offer this and hope to support many other contractors in this way, meanwhile for those who prefer a digital approach that is always an option too.

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