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Posted 7th December 2018

Phone registration now available

The way in which contractors can register with Exchequer Solutions has now been made even easier, with the introduction of phone registration.

The team here at Exchequer Solutions are continually working on our service offering to ensure that contractors and agencies alike receive the highest quality service, this includes making the umbrella, CIS, freelance and self-employed process as easy and as simple as possible.

For contractors, registration can be a fairly time-consuming task, that ultimately takes them away from their job at hand. We are one of the very few umbrella companies to implement this innovative registration process, saving contractors valuable time and providing them with the confidence that registration forms have been completed accurately, meaning no delays to the start of their service.

Registering by phone

Phone registration

Contractors wanting to register with Exchequer under our umbrella, freelance or CIS (self-employed) services, can simply speak to a member of our registrations team, provide their details and we will complete the application process on their behalf. They will then receive an email containing a fully completed registration form which simply needs e-signing, which can be done on any smartphone, and it’s as simple as that! The process takes just ten minutes from start to finish with very little of their own time required.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way for your contractors to register with a quality and compliant umbrella company, contact our team today on 01244 563 133.

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