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Posted 17th January 2019

Looking for a new umbrella company

Whether you are a contractor or recruitment agency, when it comes to sourcing an umbrella solution, there are many considerations to make to ensure that you choose the ideal company to work with. A great umbrella company will provide you with a thorough outline, at the outset, of what they can provide clients and candidates, and this essential information should be taken into account when making your final decision.

Here at Exchequer Solutions, we endeavour to provide prospective contracting and agency partners with the right information so that they fully understand how we work and the benefits we can provide. Take a look below as we explore the top features of our umbrella services.

Looking for a new umbrella company


When it comes to an umbrella company’s margin, many believe that the lower the better, due to the fact that it means more take home pay for a contractor. However, whilst an umbrella company should always strive to ensure that contractor take home pay is maximised, claims that margins are extremely low could indicate that they are not operating compliantly, i.e. not accounting for National Minimum or Living wage, holiday pay, ERNI or the apprenticeship levy.

Take a look at how we calculate our minimum rate.


A comprehensive insurance policy is a vital component to a contracting career, and the ideal umbrella company should be able to provide you with the right policy for your line of work, including public liability and professional indemnity insurances.

Find out more about the insurances that Exchequer offers here.

Dedicated account manager

There is nothing more frustrating than being passed from pillar to post when you have a query, and this is where some umbrella companies fall down, by not assigning contractors and agencies to a particular account manager. Here at Exchequer, we employ highly qualified, customer focused and dedicated account managers who get to know their clients in detail, so that they can provide the most effective support throughout their time with us.


Compliance is of the upmost importance to recruiters and contractors alike, and therefore it is vital that legislation is adhered to at all times. Just some of the ways that we ensure compliance for our agency partners and registered contractors include: right to work checks, proof of receipts to verify receipts, monitoring of Agency Workers Regulations, complying with the National Minimum and Living wage and more.

Find out more about our dedication to compliance here.

Are you looking for a new umbrella company to partner with? Our payroll services could be the ideal solution for you. Contact our team of experts today to discuss your requirements.

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