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Posted 28th April 2020

Furlough FAQs

When will I receive my furlough money?

Payments will be made on Friday 1st May for the March furlough period and on Friday 15th May for the April furlough period. Payments will then be monthly after that until your furlough period ends or the scheme ends at the end of June.

Will it be weekly or monthly?

Payments will be made monthly as described above.

How much will I get?

We take your total earnings since your start date, and divide by the number of days (including weekends) since you joined us. You are then paid 80% of this, per day, whilst on Furlough. You will have Tax and NI deducted from this payment by HMRC.

Will I receive a payslip?

Yes, payslips will be sent as normal.

Will it be back-dated?

Yes, the scheme was launched in March so furlough can be considered from 1st March onwards.

What happens if I am offered work?

If you accept work then your furlough period must end. You must be on furlough for a minimum of three weeks or you won’t receive any money. If you restart work then you MUST tell us, failure to do so could cause issues with your claim and payment.

How long can I claim for / when does the scheme end?

You can be on furlough until you return to work or until the scheme ends. The scheme is currently set to on 30th June though this may be extended.

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