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Posted 7th October 2019

Exchequer supports Dyslexia Awareness Week

The 7th October marks the beginning of 2019’s Dyslexia Awareness Week, a subject close to the Exchequer team’s heart, and one that we continually offer support for within our services.

Introduced by the European Dyslexia Association (EDA) this annual awareness week encourages people to take part in activities, discuss and share, in order to draw attention to this learning difference and how those with dyslexia can be supported throughout their day to day lives.

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With research finding that one-third of construction workers are dyslexic, 1 in 10 of the general population and an estimated 1 in 5 entrepreneurs, it is vital that businesses and organisations take necessary steps to ensure those with this learning difference are supported throughout their working career.

For the team at Exchequer, this means we have implemented procedures to ensure that both our own employees and the contractors we work with are provided with support and alternative ways to carry out their responsibilities. One of the largest and most revered changes that we have made, is to implement phone registrations for contractors. This removes the necessity for contractors to fill out lengthy online forms, and instead chat to a member of our friendly team who will gather the correct information and complete the forms on the contractor’s behalf.

Our dedication to ensuring that all contractors that may have learning differences are supported when using our services, allowing them to focus on their contracting duties without any added stress.

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