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Posted 22nd June 2020

Amazing results from our recent survey

The past few months have seen the extraordinary efforts of the Exchequer Solutions team as we tackle the challenges presented during the COVID-19 pandemic, not only to our business but to the agencies and contractors we work alongside.

To ensure that we have been working to the highest possible standards, and answering the requirements of our clients and contractors, we have recently carried out a satisfaction survey.

Covering a number of areas such as service levels, communication, furlough efforts and much more, the aim of the survey was to pinpoint our strengths and to identify any issues that required our attention.

The results are in and we couldn’t be prouder of what they have shown!

Contractor and agency survey


  • 100% of agencies rated our service levels as either very good or excellent
  • 83% of agency respondents think our service levels are better than our competitors
  • 58% of our agency partners rated our registrations feedback and confirmation process as excellent, with a further 33% stating it was very good
  • 100% of agencies find the accuracy of payroll and invoicing excellent or very good

A notable piece of feedback from an agency regarding furlough payments for contractors stated:

We have absolutely no complaints there! You were probably one of the few payment companies (if not the only one) we deal with, which actively instigated, promoted and managed the furlough scheme, while many others refused to. Tony’s collaboration, input and swift reactions on it have been an immense help to us as an agency and to our workers. I couldn’t thank you and praise you enough for the way you’ve handled that one!”


  • 53% of contractors have found our service levels better than our competitors
  • 98% of contractors said that our registrations feedback or confirmation process met or exceeded their expectations

When asked for comments about our survey one respondent stated:

“Ever since I discovered Exchequer, I have abandoned all other payrolls and I don’t intend to use any other payroll company.”

These fantastic results highlight the hard work and dedication that our team puts into all aspects of their role, ensuring that each client and contractor receives the highest service levels possible.

Get in touch today to find out how you can benefit from Exchequer’s services.

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