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Posted 19th December 2018

5 recruiting predictions for 2019

2018 has brought with it a great deal of change and anticipation for the recruitment industry, as businesses across the UK implemented new legislation, and awaited news on further legislation that will potentially transform the way in which recruiters work.

As we quickly approach the New Year, we are looking ahead to what 2019 may bring for recruitment agencies and how it will impact upon their work with the contracting community. Take a look below as we explore the top five recruitment predictions that we expect to see in the New Year.

recruiting predictions

Flexible working

The concept of flexible working has seen significant growth over the past few years, with more and more candidates seeking to find a career that offers them to work flexibly. This could include working flexible hours and the ability to work away from the office. For the contracting industry, the popularity of flexible working makes the prospect of contracting much more enticing, as flexibility goes hand in hand with the profession, and therefore we expect to see a rise in the number of people choosing contracting careers in 2019.

IR35 preparation

In 2018, recruiters were bombarded with messages and warnings about IR35 as companies eagerly awaited the announcement in the Autumn Budget, as to whether or not reforms would be extended into the private sector. The long-awaited announcement revealed that reforms would be introduced in April 2020, providing vital extra time for recruiters to implement the necessary changes into their business. In the latter half of 2019, therefore, we expect businesses across the UK (including recruiters) to begin gearing up for the introduction of reforms. Preparation is vital to ensuring compliance with HMRC regulations, once these changes come into force.


GDPR was a significant topic of discussion at the beginning of the year, however since its introduction in May we have heard very little. Nevertheless, this is still an important consideration for businesses across the UK, particularly for recruiters handling vast amounts of candidate data. Despite the fact that GDPR is hitting the headlines less and less, we expect it to still be a significant subject for the recruitment industry in 2019, as they continue to adjust their processes to comply with legislation.

Construction opportunities

For the construction industry, 2018 has seen a number of occasions of unexpected growth. This growth combined with Government initiatives announced throughout the year, as well as investment outlined in the Autumn Budget, indicates that 2019 will be full of opportunity for construction contractors.

Recruitment drives to lessen skills gap

Substantial skills gaps have plagued industries for a number of years now, with IT, in particular, finding it ever more difficult to recruit the ideal people for vacancies. This, however, leaves an opening for contractors working within these industries, as businesses look to fill skills gaps with temporary/ contracted workers. We expect to see in 2019, a huge rise in temporary contracts for industries suffering from skills shortages, leaving vast amounts of opportunity for contractors.

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